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At IQONIC, we transformed CAQTUS with an immersive online shop that runs itself. Our integrations, from auto-invoicing to integration with fulfillment, ensure every order is handled 100% autonomously, free of manual work. We also crafted the shop's look and feel, built all the content, and infused AI-powered imagery, making the brand truly stand out.




Strategy, Branding, Ecommerce Development, Full Automation


June 2023

Internetagentur Webshop Ecommerce Anwendung & App, vollautomatisiert, suchmaschinenoptimiert

Fully automated shopping experience.

We design. We develop. We automate. We market. And then, we scale up your project.

For CAQTUS, we identified the target audience and crafted an appealing brand identity and strategy. Subsequently, we developed a visually captivating website design that seamlessly aligns with the brand’s identity, providing an engaging user experience.

We have integrated a range of secure payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, and Credit Card, among others. Our solution encompasses comprehensive cart and checkout functionalities, robust order management capabilities, as well as advanced analytics and reporting features.

We harnessed the capabilities of cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence to establish highly efficient and automated workflows. This automation encompasses various aspects, from product creation and order administration to invoicing and even printing and shipping. This automation ensures that the entire e-commerce operation runs seamlessly on autopilot.

Fullservice Webdesign & Digitale Agentur Nürnberg ✔️ SEO, Marketing, Webentwicklung, verkaufsstarke Texte, Content Marketing
Webdesign Agentur Nürnberg ✔️ SEO-optimiert, responsive, individuell, professionell, attraktiv

Shop Development

Cart, checkout, managing orders, payment integration, and more


Craft a compelling brand identity that resonates with your audience.


Fully automated shop through auto-invoicing, -fulfillment, ...


We engage your audience through captivating words.

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