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"Going to New HeightsNever Even Dreamed of."

Auf zum nächsten Level! Berg mit Weitblick. Motivierendes Foto

Every heart holds a dream. IQONIC is where these dreams find vision.
Webdesign, Webentwicklung & Marketing Werbeagentur
We discover what you deeply desire, acknowledge doubts, and bolster your innate talents. The journey isn't just the summit but cherishing the climb and its teachings.
Design, Digital & Marketing Werbeagentur
Together, let's harness the heights of your true potential. We're honored to walk by your side.

Company Values.

We're here for you. Everything we do, from our actions to our values, is about making things better for you. It's as simple as that.


We set clear, actionable targets to guide our every step, with no time for detours.


Whether you're a client, partner, or part of our crew - we're in this together. We'll lift, support, and empower you.


We embrace change, break boundaries, question the status quo and seek novel solutions.


Our team's curious heart never stops. We push, learn, challenge, and break barriers. Why? To be the best for you.


Every decision? Backed by evidence and logic. We're here to solve, not to guess.


For us, it's about understanding deeply. We ask, we explore, we get to the heart of the matter.


Every moment, big or small, teaches us. We cherish the lessons, the journeys, and the connections.

Feedback Culture

Feedback isn't just a word here; it's our way. We listen, learn, and level up together. Our mutual insights shape our journey.

Founder's STORY

Felix Beck Gründer IQONIC GmbH
Felix Beck Gründer Werbeagentu IQONIC GmbH

Founder Felix Beck

So you want to know how it all started?

Imagine you’re on an ecstatic wedding, people dancing and having the time of their lives. I always dreamed to be that singer that could move and excite others. Inspire them and touch their hearts with my voice and energy.

A wedding singer? That’s what I became. But here’s the twist…

My success was not about hitting perfect pitch and sending love. It required being heard in the noisiest of all industries. The music realm is crowded, and even the sweetest melody can be lost without the right amplification.

Enter 2010: my eureka moment!

"We had to master the digital stage." I dived into the world of websites, SEO, and online marketing. It is the secret to our success. There are many good musicians, but hardly any know how to be heard.

Other bands took note, asking “How da hell do you do it?!” I gladly shared my playbook, but quickly realized bands want to focus on music. They are not marketers. And so, in 2014, I became a band mentor, architect of dreams and bridge to great shows.

Fast forward 2020, after volumes of knowledge and a crescendo of experiences, it dawned on me:

"Why stop at music? When I can take the same passion and guide businesses to new heights." Eager for an encore?
Maybe now is the time for your business to take center stage.

Let's create an inspiring, beautiful journey together! 🎶🚀

Beyond conventional agencies.

No buzzword bashing, no jargon, no marketing bla bla. We deliver real results. We get there by a logical approach, but always built for the heart of people. We center around maximizing value for your customers.

IQONIC creates brand identities, and digital experiences, that communicate clearly, look fantastic, and achieve your business goals.

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We sculpt brands with a fusion of data insights and cultural vibes, marrying logic with emotion, making every touchpoint come alive.


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