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Join the Future: Effortless, Inspiring Automation Solutions Just a Click Away!

Efficiency Unleashed: How Our Clients Cut Operational Costs by 50% with Simple Automation Steps!

  • Streamline Operations: Say Goodbye to Repetitive Processes
  • Scale Effortlessly:  Built To Grow With You
  • Tailored Neatly:  To Your Brand & Business Objectives
  • Integrate Seamlessly: With All Your Other Tools.
  • Future-Proof Business:  Processes Like Clockwork On Autopilot

Up to 50k€ in Govt. Subsidies Can Be Yours.

Unlock government subsidies for your automation project with IQONIC. Our specialists simplify the application process, helping you secure up to €50,000 in state funding.

Growing a Beard From Your Tech Stuck in the '90s?

Tired of manual, repetitive tasks eating up your valuable time? Imagine the frustration of knowing your business could soar, but it's grounded by outdated processes. You've tried various tools, yet nothing seems to fit perfectly? You're not alone. This is the reality for many businesses, where potential remains untapped due to inefficient workflows.

Transform your Floppy Discs Into a Streamlined, Frustration-Free Future.

Our approach is not just about implementing tools; it's about understanding your unique challenges and tailoring a solution that works for you. Experience a transformation in productivity, efficiency, and growth, as we bring the future of automation to your doorstep today.

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Process Automation

Experience the power of tailored automation solutions that streamline operations, cut costs, eradicate manual stress and repetitive tasks, and catapult your growth.

Streamlined Operations

Transform your business processes. Automate manual hassle and repetitive tasks. Skyrocket productivity.

Seamless Integration

Compatible with your existing tools and systems for a cohesive workflow.

Goal-Oriented Strategy

We find the strategy and tools that solve your unique challenge and align with your business objectives.

Scalable Architecture

Our web & software solutions are built to grow with you.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Accessible, reliable, and flexible to meet the demands of modern business.

Advanced Security

Protecting your data and your customers' privacy with top tier measures.


Enhanced user experience leading to higher engagement and customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions through data business intelligence.

Support & Maintenance

Continual assistance to keep your software running smoothly.

Its' Your Time To

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Automate Your
Operations Now.

Latest Projects

Explore our gallery of success stories across industries and see how we've transformed ideas into reality.

Applications: How We Transform Your Business With Automation.

Embrace the digital age with tailored, cutting-edge solutions that guarantee growth, efficiency, and a competitive edge – all designed to align perfectly with your vision.

Connect & Sync

API development for software interaction and data exchange

Custom Software Dev.

Tailored software solutions specific to your business needs

Web Development

Creating responsive and interactive websites

AI & Machine Learning

AI applications for automation, predictive analysis & personalization

Enterprise Software

Large-scale applications: ERP, CRM and HRM systems

Mobile Apps

Building native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Data Management

Tools that collect, store, process and visualize data

IoT Applications

Software for connected devices in industries

Strategie, Konzept, Kampagnen in Nürnberg, Erlangen und Fürth
Werbeagentur Webentwicklung und digitale Lösungen
Geschäftsausstattung, Branchen Know-How, Webdesign, Corporate Design Entwicklung für deine Zielgruppe
Strategie, Konzept, Kampagnen in Nürnberg, Erlangen und Fürth
1. Strategy

Understand & Plan

Brainstorming to unravel your business goals, setting the stage for a tailored digital transformation.

Werbeagentur Webentwicklung und digitale Lösungen
2. Development

Create & Build

Watch your vision come to life with minimal effort on your part. Regular check-ins ensure the project aligns with your expectations, all within a swift timeframe.

Geschäftsausstattung, Branchen Know-How, Webdesign, Corporate Design Entwicklung für deine Zielgruppe
3. Continuous Improvement

Launch & Improve

Experience the thrill of launch with just your final nod. Provide feedback, and we’ll fine-tune to perfection, propelling your business into a new era of digital excellence.

— Testimonials

We love our clients from all over the world. Our vision - help you dream big, and unlock your true potential. Read our track record:

Free Money

Get up to 50k subsidy from the German government.
Your ticket to digital dominance.

Seize the incredible €50,000 government subsidy to revolutionize your digital landscape. This substantial boost is a game-changer, slashing the financial barriers and propelling your business into advanced digital innovation.

It’s not just support; it's your ticket to a new era of industry leadership and technological excellence.

FAQ Process Automation

Our services stand out for their bespoke approach, cutting-edge technology, and customer-focused solutions. We’re committed to transforming your business digitally for unparalleled growth and efficiency. We deeply care for our customers and find synergetic solutions for you and us.

Custom automation development means tailored solutions that perfectly fit your business needs, driving efficiency, enhancing user experience, and giving you a competitive edge in the digital world. Sync devices, create interfaces between software, fully digitize and automate processes. Save time, costs, manual hassle, repetitive tasks. Streamlined organizations may scale.

Not all the time. Our experts will consult you if there are better options with pre-made solutions. It is a question of your goals. While there’s always an upfront investment, custom development of process automation pays off by boosting productivity, reducing long-term costs, and increasing revenue through superior digital tools.

No problem! Our team guides you through every step, explaining the process in simple terms and ensuring your vision is realized without you needing technical expertise.

Definitely. We build with scalability in mind, ensuring your digital assets grow alongside your business.

Starting is easy! Just contact us, and we’ll set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs and outline the next steps. We can begin with a comprehensive 360° solution or just small steps, identifying one process to start with.

We use a different set of languages and frameworks. For web, the most important frontend languages are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The backend logic is usually written in PHP, Python, Java, C++ or C#.

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    Claim Up to 50k € in Digital Subsidies from the Govt.

    Unlock government subsidies for your automation project with IQONIC. Our specialists simplify the application process, helping you secure up to €50,000 in state funding.